Kurtis W - San Diego Photo Journey

Photography from my native San Diego and other travels. All photos are original, shot by me. I do not re-post other work, just mine :-)

Thanks for sharing.

All Photos have Digital Watermarks embedded. If you want to use a photo for a project, let me know.

Questions or requests? Contact me, kurtisw (at) gmail.com OR NextChannelMedia.com Cheers, Kurtis W

  1. California Palm at Sundown. Tough life.

  2. San Diego Sunset - Winter 2014

  3. Blacks Beach Firing - Jan 2014

  4. Far off land…. Nope California, my back yard. For some reason I felt like I was in a tropical setting, seeing that it was 78 degrees in January. Polar Vortex? Not for us.

  5. Barrel at Blacks - Jan 2014

  6. Make Art, Not War

  7. San Diego sunset, at the pier. 

  8. "You’re Entering a World of Pain!!" Light Painting with Walter.

  9. Light painting some art in North Park, San Diego.